• Outpatient surgery

    Outpatient surgery or same-day surgery

    • Whats is it ?

    Outpatient surgery calls for a specialized organization that is focused on the patient. It enables :
    - the surgeon to perform a medical act.
    - the patient to be back home within the same day, respecting the safety rules of a traditional medical setting.

    Outpatient surgery is carried out in a dedicated multidisciplinary structure; namely the Anesthesia and Outpatient Surgery Unit (UACA).

    It is located on the 2nd floor, D pole. (plan)

    Opening hours : from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 9h30 pm, closed on bank holiday.

    To arrange any procedure, outpatient may contact the office secretary from 8.30 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm, dialing 01 56 09 26 39 or by fax 01 56 09 26 36.

    You may go to the nursing office from 7.15 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5.45 pm or phone 01 56 09 26 32.

    Head unit : : Mme Nadine Lanceleur: 01 56 09 26 19

    Director of nursing : Mrs Valerie Colas 01 56 09 32 27

    • How to have an outpatient surgery in HEGP ?

    Make an appointment with the specialist of your choice.

    Ask if identity outpatient surgery is possible to treat your specific medical condition.

    Find together a suitable date

    Contact the UACA secretary to make an appointment for the anesthesia consultation (if needed) and to fix a date for the surgery

    • The oupatient anesthesia consultation

    In agreement with the physician, it enables you to choose the most suitable kind of anesthesia for your surgery.

    You may have an anesthesia consultation a maximum of one month before the date of the surgery (minimum : 48 hours).

    Secretary :
    Mr Frederic Mac Leod
    01 56 09 30 32

    Office hours :
    Monday to Friday (closed on bank holidays)
    10.00 am to 1.30 pm and 2.30 am to 4 pm

  • Hospitalization

    Welcome booklet

    Traumatologic and orthopaedic surgery service
    Professor Pierre GUIGUI

    You are going to be hospitalized in our service. We are pleased to give you some information about your stay. Of course, our medical team will remain available for any other questions you may have.

    • Your interlocutors

    Director of Nursing : Madame Viviane Bour
    Assistant Director of Nursing : Béatrice Besancon, Patrice Mauve, Guyot Aurélie, Caroline Raison
    Social assistants : C.Compain, AC.Biauce

    • Important

    Bring the following documents :

    - Your recent medical evaluations (blood tests, Xray results or others...) if you haven't already brought them for the pre-anaesthesia consultation.
    - Your latest prescription (or a copy) and your medical treatment.
    - If you are on aspirin or any derivative of aspirin, mention it to the anaesthetist.
    - Do not forget to bring the card mentionning your specific problems (if you're diabetic, if you have a pacemaker or an implanted port-a-cath).
    - Do not forget your forearms crutch, compression stockings or your knee or shoulder splint.

    • Personal belongings to bring

    Clothes :

    - Pyjamas, nightgowns and dressing gowns, big tee-shirts and loose leggings or boxer shorts
    - Nonslip closed slippers
    - Toiletries : wash cloth, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, denture cleaning tablets, soap, shampoo, razor or electric shaver, mirror, deodorant, comb or hairbrush.
    - Accessories : glasses, hearing aid ( + batteries ).
    - Other : books, magazines, alarm-clock, radio set.

    • Recommandations

    - Do not bring any jewels, money, cell phones, laptops or any other valuable items. The administration cannot be held responsible for thefts. There is a safe in the room.
    - Smoking is strictly forbidden.
    - If you have a denture, mention it to the nurse.
    - If you're on a specific diet, also mention it to the nurse.
    - Thanks for telling your visitors that for reasons of hygiene pot plants are forbidden.
    - Visiting hours from 1pm to 8pm. Children under fifteen cannot visit the patients.

    • The day before your surgery

    - The nursing staff will shave you as required for the surgery and will ask you to have a shower. If necessary, they will help you.
    - You must have washed your hair less than 24 hours before the surgery.
    - No make-up.
    - Unpainted, short nails. - You mustn't eat, drink or smoke after midnight.
    - On the surgery day, you will be asked to take off all your personal clothes, your contact lens, your denture, your jewels (including your wedding ring) and to put them in the room safe.

    • For your comfort

    There is a TV set and a telephone in your room. If you want to have them put into service, dial 3999 or go to the reception desk on the ground floor. In any case, people can contact you dialing the number you will find under the TV set in your room.

    If you need them, different caregivers are at your disposal : social workers, physiotherapists, dieteticians, psychologists.

    • Physiotherapy

    A team of physiotherapists is entirely dedicated to in-patients. The physiotherapists perform medical care only on prescription. The physiotherapy department is open from 9am to 6pm on week days. If you are to undergo a lower limb surgery, do not forget to bring your forearm crutch so that you can start rehabilitation as soon as the doctor agrees.

    Rehabilitation technical support center : Gisèle AUBRY (from 9am to 6pm)

    • For your safety

    The care department will provide any necessary documents ( discharge report, sick-leave, appointments for medical consultation and post-op check-up X-ray).
    Thank you for checking out at the end of the morning.
    We hope you have a comfortable stay with us.

  • Skin preparation

    Preoperative shower