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Referrals: Dr. Thomas Bihel and Dr. Pierre Vulliet

Specialists in the shoulder, we welcome you to the Georges Pompidou European Hospital for the treatment of these pathologies: rotator cuff diseases (arthroscopic repair), osteoarthritis (anatomical and inverted prostheses), shoulder trauma ( acromioclavicular disjunction, cephalo-tuberosity fracture).

Center Member of the French Society of Arthroscopy (SFA) and the French Society of Shoulder and Elbow (SOFEC), we treat the pathologies of sport, particularly instability, which depending on the case require a gesture of stabilization arthroscopic abutment according to Latarjet, Bankart repair, postero-superior conflict.

Dr. Lior Amsallem: neurological shoulder, pathologies of the cuff, instability
Professor Emmanuel Masmejean: Head of Department

  • Example of management of a fracture of the humerus by minimally invasive intramedullary nailing